Posted on: June 20, 2017

Swimming The English Channel

The Channel Challenge

1 boat – 1 English Channel – 15 Swimmers – £50,000 target

The team swam the English Channel in June and completed their journey in 11 hours 11 minutes. The swim was a one way team relay across the Channel, it’s been brilliantly successful and now raised over £32,000!

The Team

The team is made up of patients, fundraisers, doctors, nurses and surgeons. We are very lucky to have so much support!

The team celebrating crossing the English Channel on French shores
Celebrating crossing the English Channel


The Target

We are trying to raise £50,000 and we are already well on the way from our first event, but we need your support to reach our target, you can support us here:

The Cause

Here at St Mark’s Hospital Foundation we’re trying to forge a #FutureFree from #BowelDisease… With your help we can achieve this sooner.

Take up a challenge

The options are endless and this is just one example of the many ways you can support St Mark’s. To get in contact regarding your own challenge or to fund out about events that we have in store, contact