St Mark’s Hospital Foundation

St Mark’s Hospital Foundation helps fund research, education and invocation at St Mark’s, the UK’s national bowel hospital. The projects we support have driven clinical improvements for patients living with complex bowel diseases, and enhanced disease understanding. We receive no government funding; our work is only possible because of the generosity of voluntary contributors.

Our vision is a future free from the fear of bowel disease.


St. Mark's Hospital Foundation has various publications which contain information about the charity and the hospital.

Who we are

Our vision is of a future free from the fear of bowel disease through research, education and dissemination of clinical excellence.

Our history

St. Mark’s Hospital boasts a rich and varied history. From its initial inception in Aldersgate Street in the City of London it has led the way in colorectal medicine and surgery world-wide. You can explore our rich history, archive, appeals, photographs and more here.