How we are saving lives

St. Mark’s Hospital and Hospital Foundation is able to save lives as a result of its commitment to a process of continuous development and improvement.

St Mark’s Hospital Foundation

St Mark’s Hospital Foundation supports research, education and innovation at St Mark’s, the UK’s national bowel hospital. The projects we support drive clinical improvements for patients living with complex bowel diseases, and enhance disease understanding. We receive no government funding; our work is only possible because of the generosity of voluntary contributors.

We support an array of research which covers a broad spectrum, including, but not limited to; diagnostic techniques, surgical and non-surgical treatment options, pre and post-operative care and disease management.

Our research priorities include:

  • Role of genetics in Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and cancer risk
  • Personalised medicine
  • The causes of and treatment for fistulas
  • Minimally invasive surgery and endoscopy
  • Improving colonoscopy and CT Colonography
  • Tissue engineering
  • Nutrition and intestinal rehabilitation
  • Inherited cancer

At any one time we support up to 30 Research Fellows leading projects that rely on charitable donations and over 1,200 doctors and other healthcare professionals visit St Mark’s annually from around the UK and the world for training and education.

Every charitable donation, no matter the size, makes it possible for us to support research at St Mark’s Hospital that has the potential to improve patient’s lives. Ultimately, to help us achieve our vision of a future free from the fear of bowel disease.

Research projects

Find out more about the research projects that St. Mark's Hospital Foundation support...

Development of Minimally Invasive Surgery

St Mark's Hospital has been pioneering new surgical treatments for 180 years. The innovations developed aim to improve recovery for patients and reduce complications.

A close-up of a hand holding a test tube.

Anorectal Research

St Mark's has pioneered investigation and treatment of haemorrhoids, anal fistula, anal fissure, incontinence and problems of bowel function since it was founded in 1835.

Treatment of Advanced Cancer

St Mark's already offers complex treatments for patients with advanced and recurrent bowel cancer and is one of a handful of units across the UK offering complex interventions.