Information and Statistics on Bowel Cancer and IBD

Statistics and information on bowel disease and the impact of these conditions in UK, internationally and how St. Mark's Hospital helps...

Bowel Cancer

St Mark’s offers a variety of specialist services for bowel cancer patients:
  • The Complex Cancer Clinic is a specialist service dedicated to the assessment and surgical management of patients with recurrent and advanced pelvic and colorectal cancers.
  • St Mark’s Bowel Cancer Screening Centre became a nominated and chosen site for the NHS Bowel Cancer Screening Programme through a rigorous accreditation programme.
  • The St Mark’s Centre for Familial Intestinal Cancer (incorporating the Polyposis Registry and Family Cancer Clinic) is run by a team of specialists working together to ensure prompt diagnosis and surveillance of patients with a genetic condition associated with bowel cancer or from a family at high risk of bowel and other cancers.
  • The Lynch Syndrome Clinic at St Mark’s, looks after patients with Lynch Syndrome. The focus of this service is to provide people and families with this condition with lifelong multidisciplinary care with the aim of early diagnosis and prevention of cancer. They work within the Family Cancer Clinic, and closely with colleagues in the Polyposis Registry.
  • Gastrointestinal Consequences Of Cancer is a new and specialist multidisciplinary service to help patients with GI problems after pelvic radiation, surgery and chemotherapy offering a range of treatment options for patients with GI symptoms.
For more information on all the services offered at St Mark’s visit:
Information on bowel cancer statistics obtained from  Cancer Research UK.

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

New research from Crohn’s and Colitis UK shows that 1 in 123 people in the UK have Inflammatory Bowel Disease, showing an increase in prevalence and that previous figures had been vastly underestimated.

With this increase in prevalence, it is clear that research is more important than ever and, at St Mark’s, we are proud to have made significant advances in disease understanding and treatment thanks to your generous support of our vital work.
You have helped fund research that has:
• Developed new therapeutics
• Developed and maintaining the world’s largest and longest running IBD and cancer surveillance database
• Explored the importance of mental wellbeing for quality of life and symptom control
• Researched new and advanced surgical techniques
More information on IBD services visit St Mark’s website.
Information on IBD statistics obtained from Crohn’s and colitis UK.