Posted on: December 3, 2019

‘It all started back in 2018, when the doctor told my wife and I that the cancer had spread…’

When the doctor told my wife and I that the cancer had returned and spread, I felt totally numb. It was like I was in a bad dream from which I could not awake.

After this devastating news I was referred to the complex cancer unit at St Mark’s. My wife and son accompanied me to my first appointment with consultant surgeon Mr Anthony Antoniou to discuss my diagnosis. When we entered the room, we were surprised to see a whole team of experts who were going to be looking after different areas of my treatment.

Special thanks to Claire Taylor and Theresa Hona who were our first point of contact and to stoma nurse Sarita who has helped me have a positive outlook while living with a stoma. Thanks to physiotherapist Tutu, who provided motivation to get back on my feet after surgery and to all the staff of the chemo department and the Frederick Salmon Ward.

I have now been involved in clinical trials, as I know I wouldn’t be here enjoying life if it wasn’t for this important research!

I took part in the BiCyCLE Research Programme with Laura and Toby, and I am now participating in trial on Distal feeding with Stella, which may improve the function of my bowel.

I consider myself very lucky to be alive and even though I live close by, I would have traveled hundreds of miles to attend this great hospital.

Being a cancer survivor has changed my attitude to life and I feel privileged to be here enjoying my life with my family and grandchildren. My family and I would like to express our gratitude to all the wonderful team at St Mark’s!


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