Posted on: October 11, 2019

Oh, Vienna! St Mark’s Academic Institute at the ESCP 2019

ESCP Vienna 2019

On behalf of St Mark’s Hospital, St Mark’s Academic Institute exhibited at the European Society of Coloproctology meeting in Vienna.

Janice and Hirra departed, leaving the stormy clouds in London behind, and arrived in Vienna to blue skies and the magnificent Danube.

The pair diligently represented St Mark’s Academic Institute at the exhibition, and were fortunate to have their information stand situated in an excellent location. Once they had set up they were inundated with past, present and future St Mark’s surgeons. This was a truly elating experience, as they were affectionately received by people who hold such fond memories of working and studying at St Mark’s.

Additionally, they were met by those who are eagerly anticipating joining this prestigious institution. In particular, Janice stated that the younger surgeons were visibly impressed, and were highly engaging asking lots of informed questions. Hence, it is hoped that these budding surgeons will come to St Mark’s to study and work. This is because it would be a thoroughly enriching opportunity to  experience all that this centre of excellence has to offer.

Research fellows

The Academic Institute was also being represented by research fellows, who had their posters distributed at the event. St Mark’s is extremely proud of the research fellows for having their work prominently displayed at this conference. It is a true testament to their hard work, and is a notable achievement.

Furthermore, Janice and Hirra had the opportunity to liaise with several of the other exhibitors at the event. We are delighted that some of the fellow exhibitors will be attending the Academic Institutes flagship annual conference Frontiers. This three day conference is always extremely popular, and covers a variety of topics on intestinal and colorectal disease. Moreover, some of the other exhibitors will be helping facilitate study days at St Mark’s in collaboration with our consultants.

Overall, the three days were extremely busy for Janice and Hirra, however it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience!

Find out more

If you would like to find out more information regarding Frontiers, or study days, visit the Academic Institute website.

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