Posted on: March 8, 2017

Our Gut and Brain are in a Relationship and it’s Complicated

St Mark’s Hospital Foundation are included in a Red Online article on Dr Yoram Inspector, of St Mark’s Hospital, discusses the link between the Gut and the Brain.

From our article available on Red online:

When asked, ‘what is the most important organ of your body, it’s unlikely for someone to pick the gut. However, is that there is no such thing as ‘the most important’ organ, all our body parts being equally important.

Getting back to it, the gut continues to be an underestimated organ, despite its ability to behave in a certain way as a result of our feelings. For instance, how many of you thought about this when had butterflies on your first dates or the fact that our bowel decides what is the suitable environment to go to have a toilet visit?

“…Working in this unique field called “Psycho-Gastroenterology”, I advise my patients not to separate the body and mind. Try not to create a hierarchy in the body as all our parts are equally important.”  Dr Yoram Inspector

Dr Yoram Inspector is a consultant in the Psychological Medical Unit (PMU) at St Mark’s Hospital. Dr Inspector explains that there is a special relationship between the gut and the brain, called the Brain-Gut-Axis. This way, the bowel movements are affected by what you have drunk or eaten, being identified by others as our ‘third brain’.

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