Posted on: September 27, 2019

Exclusive Event for ‘All Out for St Mark’s’

Emma Mohan
Friday 27th September 2019

Although unlucky for some, on Friday 13th September we were fortunate to have a group of our ‘All Out for St Mark’s’ legacy donors visit St Mark’s.  Attendees included Mr & Mrs Vincent and Judith Duffy, Ms Janet Fitz-Gerald and Mr & Mrs Michael and Therese Paolini.

When our attendees arrived at the Hospital they were greeted by Foundation Chief Executive Jason Bacon. After introductions, and an enlightening discussion on research, we escorted our guests to the robotic theatre ward, to watch an exclusive observation of the Da Vinci Surgical Robot.

Prior to entering the theatre ward, a requirement is to be dressed in scrubs, which was a rather humorous experience! Despite St Mark’s being a centre of excellence, the changing facilities resemble those of a school changing room.Donning scrubs and feeling as though we were on the set of Holby City, we headed to theatre in good spirits.

One of the benefits of the purpose built Da Vinci theatre is that it has been specifically designed to host observers in an adjoining room. This is to enable visitors to attend as part of St Mark’s growing reputation as an educational hub. In the adjoining room, there is a seating area and a flat screen display which is live streaming the operation.

The Da Vinci robot is remotely controlled by two expert surgeons who are positioned at consoles. These are housed in the observation room, so visitors are fully immersed in the educational experience.

As we entered the room, it was clear that we were in for an extra dose of good fortune! A group of medical observers from Germany were also in attendance for this particular operation. As an added bonus our group could interact with the observers, while watching the intricacies of the operation on screen.This was a fantastic experience,which was enhanced by the proficiency and diligence displayed by our distinguished surgeons. After observing the skill of surgeons Danilo and James, any prior anxieties about watching surgery were swiftly allayed.

Good food and even better company

In comparison with the morning, the afternoon was a more relaxed affair, where we accompanied our guests to Blue Zenzer for lunch. Situated against the leafy backdrop of Northwick Park Golf Club,  it provided the perfect setting to socalise. Additionally, I think it is safe to say that lunch was a success! Most guests (and myself included) opted for an indulgent three-course meal.

Most importantly, it was an absolute privilege to hear about our guests personal experiences with our specialist Hospital. It was truly delightful to spend the day in your company.

Thank you!

All of the team at St Mark’s Hospital Foundation wish to extend our gratitude to our attendees, and thank them for leaving a legacy to St Mark’s. We understand that leaving a legacy to a charitable cause is an intimately personal and highly important decision. Hence, these events are a means by which to express our sincerest gratitude to these remarkable people who chose to remember St Mark’s in this way.

We are looking forward to planning and hosting our next All Out for St Mark’s event, scheduled for 2020.

Further information about leaving a gift in your will to St Mark’s Hospital Foundation is available here.
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