Posted on: February 9, 2017

Blog: Community Corner & Channel Challenge Swim Update

This year fundraisers will be undertaking the daring challenge of swimming the English Channel as a relay-team. Our inspirational team in 2016 was led by St Mark’s Patient, Helen Hill who raised thousands of pounds for research.

Channel Challenge team

The team is full St Mark’s staff and is headed by Dr Simon Gabe. Accompanying him is Omar Faiz, Guy Worley, Phil Tozer, Charlie Toms, Joe Gent and Jonathan Hodgkinson. The swim will take place on the week of 18th – 21st June 2017*.

Swimming the English Channel to raise funds

The team is aiming to raise over £25,000 for medical research & education at St Mark’s – find their team page here: 

*The swim takes place over a day during this week, yet to be confirmed due to tides, weather etc.

Lights, Camera… Action!

Dedicated fundraiser, Helen Hill, today took part in a photoshoot along with St Mark’s consultants & medical staff. Therefore the Foundation can create marketing materials, posters and everything else needed to help promote this fantastic challenge.

Behind the scenes, the Hospital Media Consultant Steve Preston was hard at work capturing our fundraisers Guy, Charlie & Helen.

Three of our swimmers who will be taking on the English Channel

Volunteer Meeting

We also in the process of continually meeting new volunteers who are offering to give their time to help promote the challenge through our Hospital Promotion Stand / Information Desk over the coming months.

Today, Alex met Peggy Wylie who came to the Foundation through Team London Volunteering, one of the 25 volunteers who have so far signed up to help out on the information desk over the summer. Retired nurse, Peggy, raised funds and awareness volunteering on the information desk. Similarly to our team of volunteers who give their time regularly to help the Foundation.

To volunteer, please email

More updates will follow – for the moment, you can find out more about the challenge by visiting: