Posted on: February 24, 2021

November Updates!

Massive congratulations are in order for the incredible team behind the Stay.Connected initiative who have won the UK IT Awards Healthcare Project of the Year, with special thanks to Research Fellows Anu Obao, Isabel Martin and Ollie Duxbury.  We are all immensely proud of your compassion in responding to an immediate patient need and your dedication in undertaking this project. Stay. Connected was one of the initiatives that was supported by our emergency Covid-19 appeal and thanks to your generosity we were able to purchase iPads, so that patients could be connected via video-calling to their families during the height of the pandemic.


In findings by Newsweek in partnership with Statista, St Mark’s Hospital has been ranked as one of the best specialist institutions in the world! Established in 1835,  St Mark’s has continued to flourish from its humble beginnings. Starting life as a single room located in Aldersgate Street, St Mark’s has not only gained recognition as the UK’s national bowel hospital, this latest accolade means that its prominence on the global stage has been firmly cemented. This is an incredible achievement, and one that all of us at St Mark’s are extremely proud of.




Oliver Kay @thekidwithabag cheque presentation

At the tender age of 16, Oliver is a true inspiration. In addition to undertaking advocacy work for St Mark’s, he has also been  openly discussing his condition via social media, and in media interviews with the BBC. This is not only helping to raise awareness of IBD, it is also helping to tackle any associated stigmas surrounding the disease. Oliver has amassed a large following via social media, and we would recommend that you all follow him @thekidwithabag to be kept up to date with his journey. As Oliver underwent surgery at St Mark’s during the height of the pandemic, he wanted to do something to give back to the hospital that cared for him during this difficult time. He decided to start his own fundraising campaign selling t-shirts, with the proceeds being donated to St Mark’s and CCUK. After his fantastic fundraising drive, Oliver expressed a desire to hold a cheque presentation with the clinicians who cared for him, and we are delighted to have been able to arrange a socially distanced and ‘Covid compliant’ cheque presentation with Consultant Surgeon Janindra, Nurse Kay and Consultant Paediatrician Warren.
Thank you Oliver!

Thank you to the Red Lion Group

Chris Browne, on behalf of the Red Lion Group, is pictured presents a £1,000 cheque to our CEO Jason Bacon. This extremely generous donation will help fund key pouch-related research undertaken at St Mark’s. Upon receival of the cheque, Jason commented: “Medical research is expensive and we rely greatly on donations such as this to continue our world-class projects.” Thank you to the RLG for their support and advocacy of St Mark’s. More information on the RLG can be found by visiting their website:

Annual Congress Frontiers 2020

This year, in true 2020 style, our annual congress Frontiers, normally held at the Royal College of Physicians, has been hosted virtually with our expert panellists broadcasting live from London. The 2-day congress has consisted of great collegiate case discussions, with specialist guest speaks presenting from across the world. Frontiers 2020 has also served to highlight the value of true multidisciplinary expertise and support. With 2,000 delegates having registered to attend Frontiers, our reach this year has also been international with people tuning in from Hong Kong, Australia and New York!

Massive congratulations to our Research Fellow Anu who has won the prestigious John Nicholls Prize for Research at Frontiers. She is a truly worthy winner, not only for her incredible academic prowess, she is also an inspirational woman who was pivotal to the success of the Stay.Connected initiative.

This year we are participating in Giving Tuesday, which goes live across social media on the 1st December with the theme of #GiveBack2020. As the old adage goes, “giving makes you feel good” and this is the perfect chance to get involved and do something incredible for St Mark’s! Head over to our social media pages to be kept up to date and share with us how you plan to #GiveBack2020!

Thank you to everyone who continues to support St Mark’s Hospital during these difficult times #NeverMoreNeeded.


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