Posted on: February 9, 2017

The Hospital Saturday Fund – Supporting Innovation in Fistula Research  

£10,000 awarded to help fistula patients…

St Mark’s Hospital Foundation have recently received a further grant from The Hospital Saturday Fund. The generous award of £10,000 will benefit a project exploring safety and effectiveness. In order to trial a new laser therapy in patients with anal fistula and patients with haemorrhoids.

The research project will be completed at St Mark’s Hospital where there is a longstanding service for benign anorectal conditions.

The Hospital Saturday Fund, seen below, presenting their cheque to members of the Fistula Research Unit.

Ms Riyah Talati (Trusts & Foundations Fundraising Manager, St Mark’s Hospital Foundation), Mr Samuel Adegbola (Specialist Registrar in Colorectal Surgery, St Mark’s Hospital), Ms Ana-Maria Vega, Mr Omar Faiz (Consultant Colorectal and Intestinal Surgeon, St Mark’s Hospital), Ms Louise Kent and Mr Philip Tozer (RSO and Researcher, St Mark’s Hospital)

Increased funding for research

Because of the lack of funding into bowel disease and the widespread and highly debilitating nature of bowel conditions. The Hospital Saturday Fund were motivated to support research at St Mark’s once more. It is humbling to hear that so many are motivated to help make a difference.

We offer our sincerest thanks to Louise, Ana and the trustees of The Hospital Saturday Fund. Furthermore, with whom we we look forward to maintaining strong ties.

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