Corporate Supporters

Work with us and help us raise more money for bowel disease research, education and training.

The Foundation is always open to new opportunities to work with corporate partners

Developing a partnership with a corporate partner would help support research, education and innovation at St Mark’s, the UK’s national bowel hospital.

To discuss a potential partnership, skills sharing, fundraising at work or, nominating us for charity of the year, please contact Chief Executive Jason Bacon on 020 8235 4042 or email

Work for Good

Work for Good has simplified the process by which small businesses can support the work of charities. If you are a small business looking to help support our charity, please head over to our WFG page.

Supporting a cause through your business has a number of benefits: not only is it incredibly rewarding, it offers your brand a means by which to demonstrate their purpose and grow your business as a force for social good.

We want to thank Kim of Polar Moon for supporting us via WFG helping raise vital funds for research. This partnership was a great success and we are incredibly grateful to Kim and everyone who supported her stoma cover business.

For more information on how you can use your business as a force for social good visit WFG or contact the team

For several years, Yakult have kindly supported our seasonal appeal.


Tesco logoIn 2019 the Foundation was awarded a £4,000 Tesco Bags of Help grant for the  Surgical Robotics Research Programme.


Marks Barfield logo

Mark Barfield Architects have donated exclusive pod experiences at the London Eye.