Seasonal Appeals

Help us continue our Virtuous Circles at St Mark’s 2023 Seasonal Appeal

We are delighted to share with you our latest seasonal appeal. This year’s theme is ‘Virtuous Circles,’ the idea that recurring events increase the beneficial effect of the next and how Virtuous Circles at St Mark’s are realising patient benefit.

Valuing continuity and continuous improvement in our people, innovations, and approach to treating patients means that St Mark’s can deliver excellent care, there is greater potential for more research discoveries, previously developed innovations can advance further through application of the latest technology, and patients can be supported to achieve their dreams. Our examples, demonstrate the cumulative effect of one thing inspiring another and the impact of things coming full circle. We hope you will feel inspired to support our campaign.

Acts of giving will help us continue our virtuous circles, enabling us to support today’s patients whilst maintaining a focus on activities that will bring forward our vision of a future free from the fear of bowel disease.

Please consider supporting our appeal:

Research; At St Mark’s it’s personal 2022 Seasonal Appeal

Since 1835, research has been an integral part of St Mark’s and, thanks to philanthropic support, our specialist clinicians have been able to continually push the frontiers of treatment for complex bowel diseases. Through understanding that bowel diseases are unique to the individual, as unique as a fingerprint, St Mark’s is moving towards a future where individualised treatments can be offered to patients, tailored to their specific needs, transforming their outcomes. By continuing to support our transformative research, you have the power to make a meaningful and measurable difference working towards a future where patients can benefit from personalised medicine, surgery, and endoscopy.

You can read the appeal in it’s entirety here:  StMarks_SeasonalAppeal_GateFold_2022_V7 (1)

Connected by Care 2021 Seasonal Appeal

Working as one team has always been a strength of St Mark’s, but this has really come to the fore during the Covid-19 pandemic as our clinical colleagues have been operating across more than one hospital site.

In our 2021 appeal we share the stories of  Natalie, Andrea, Eloise and Hilary’s, demonstrating how our specialist teams are improving the lives of patients under their care. In 2021 we had matched funding available and we were truly blown away by the response we had to our appeal. We want to thank everyone who so generously donated in support of our appeal, helping to raise a staggering £40,000. Read our 2021 appeal here: St Mark’s Seasonal Appeal 2021

Showing Guts through Covid-19 2020 Seasonal Appeal

We are truly grateful that so many of you responded to our call for support for our 2020-21 seasonal appeal, ‘Showing Guts through Covid-19.’ You helped us raise an incredible £18,000!

The Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the urgency for clinical services to become more efficient, which personalised medicine can help to achieve. In the wake of Covid-19, many of St Mark’s research projects have transformed in importance and relevance because they are working towards a future where personalised medicine can be realised for complex bowel diseases. Read our 2020 appeal: St Mark’s Seasonal Appeal 2020