Stephanie Chin’s Story

Throughout my time as a patient of St Mark’s, I have come to realise that there is no better place to be for bowel disease. To me, St Mark’s has been nothing but a saving grace as well as a place full of friends, family and hope.

The hospital and its staff are unrivalled in their dedication and care, but setting them apart from the rest is their approach in treating a person, rather than an illness. It is down to their encouragement and motivation that I have learnt to deal with the long-term effects of my illness, but also to see that it puts nothing in the way of my wish to achieve and accomplish. Spending months in hospital is far from easy, but St Mark’s is overflowing with positivity and optimism that it takes much of the harshness away from the reality of living with bowel disease.

I have been at the receiving end of world-class surgical and medical care ever since I arrived at St Mark’s, in the hands of Mr Janindra Warusavitarne and Dr Simon Gabe. I cannot speak highly enough of both Mr Warusavitarne and Dr Gabe, nor emphasise how much of a credit they are, both to St Mark’s and the medical profession. Mr Warusavitarne’s sense of humour has often kept me smiling and well-entertained, while his understanding and humility have been a great source of reassurance for my family and myself.

Thank you, Mr Warusavitarne, for giving us all peace of mind when we need it most and for your continued belief in the importance of patient care and comfort.

Many thanks are also due to the nurses on the Sainsbury Wing. It is their selflessness and strong team working ethos that makes the ward the special place it is: to me, a place of recuperation, care and love. The knowledge of being cared for by nurses so passionate and approachable is invaluable, and makes the hospital experience far less unpleasant than it would otherwise be. Thank you very much for your endless support throughout and being my friends, family and my second home.

Lastly, I would like to relay my thanks to Dr Gabe, who has seen my family and me through some of our most difficult times. I can only attribute what confidence and strength I have to Dr Gabe’s patience, optimism and compassion as a person as well as a physician. As such a strong advocate for patients and with so much empathy, it is difficult to ask for a better doctor than Dr Gabe. Thank you, Dr Gabe, for always being there to right the wrongs and for providing the inspiration, belief and reassurance that no challenge is too great to overcome.

As Dr Gabe once said, “Don’t forget how far you’ve come.”