Trusts and Foundations

Charitable trusts and foundations contribute essential funds to research, education and training at St. Mark’s.

We are extremely grateful to those organisations that generously support our work, many of them on a regular basis.

Through the generosity of trusts and foundations, it has been possible to:

  • Undertake basic research to improve our understanding of the causes of chronic bowel ailments.
  • Undertake translational research that has the potential to help current sufferers.
  • Invest in specialist medical equipment which the NHS will not fund to improve the accuracy of diagnosis, accelerate our research outcomes and improve the patient experience.
  • Fund key staffing posts.

The hospital has a very active programme of research. If you represent a charitable trust or foundation and would like to support our life-saving work or find out more about the process of making a donation, please contact Ms Riyah Talati, Trusts & Foundations Fundraising Manager, on (020) 8235 4023 and at

Awarding a grant is the start of your relationship with St Mark’s. We look forward to hearing from you.